Carl was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA to a deceased hearing father and deceased deaf mother. He is the second oldest of seven children (three hearing and four deaf). Carl and his wife, Nina, were married in 1998 and have four grown children. Although Carl is originally from Philadelphia, PA, he has lived many places. He is a graduate of: National Technical Institute for the Deaf/Rochester Institute of Technology (NTID/RIT) with AAS degree in Business Technology (!74), Gallaudet University (GU) with BA degree in Social Work (!81), New York University (NYU) with MA degree in Deafness Rehabilitation (!83). He also holds a Certificate of Ordination and Certification in Biblical and Deaf Ministry Studies in May 2007 and a BA degree in Biblical and Deaf Ministry Studies in May 2009. Carl!s experiences include a number of minister/counselor internships at congregations from Florida to Oklahoma, even working eight summers with a Deaf Foreign Mission Team in Kenya, Africa, between 2006 and 2017. More so, Carl has published two books called, “God Answered Me in Tough Times: My First Deaf Missionary Trip to Kenya, Africa in 2006.” Carl’s third book called, “Brotherly Love,” came in around the Fall of 2021. Now, he is working on his fourth book called, “Taking the World by Storm.” You can purchase these books through: www.stratton-press. com. Carl was employed as Minister/Counselor for the Deaf/ Hard of Hearing at Park Plaza Church of Christ (PPCC) Deaf Ministry in Tulsa, OK, from June 1, 2008 until he retired on December 31, 2018. Then he moved to Dallas, TX on January 26, 2019. Then he became Co-Director of Deaf Ministry on February 4, 2019 at Cedar Crest Church of Christ (CCCC) in Dallas, TX. He continued to have a great desire to reach out to the lost deaf people, hard of hearing people, and those who associate with them by sharing the Gospel of Jesus with them.